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"The garden of dreams"
Virtual promenade

The entry porch

It is the pedestrian entry stone porch for the visitors. The emblem of the carp fish is on the gate of the garden. It is just a reminder that we are on the "Fried Carpe Route" with its countless ponds.

The Iris pallida Florence blue

Recall of tuscany atmosphere. Grey and silver colours associated to stone trunks and topiary Buxus.The Pyrus salicifolia dominates the Florence blue Iris pallida. The wonderful Cercidiphyllum cake scent is followed by Kolkwitzias and all kind of roses and blue Althea. Epimediums are carpeting the ground through winter.

Light and shadow playing around the fountain

At the shadow of the Metasequoia globstro�des a water fountain of the 18th Century found his place. Buxus suffructicosa underlines his circular shape. Behind, a stone bench invites for meditation at this cool corner in summer.

Up to the house

We used a natural hilly ground.The Burgundy stone stairs leads the visitors to the house. On the left, the drystone wall is bordered with Japanese maples and grey foliages associated with flowers of pale pink, mauve and yellow.


In front of the drystone wall, a clipped Buxus hedge with rounded shapes. White Valerian, Yuccas, English shrub roses leads to the top. Here, a white dome of Wysteria sinensis among white Opalia roses.

The climbing rose arches

A romantic glimpse to the white marmor woman thanks the climbing roses arches.The abandoned church gate brings here a mystical mark.

The hen-house

Nearby the carpet of Rosa rugosa together with Japanese maples and Styrax, there is the "bedroom" of our miniature hens. It is crowned by Climbing "Iceberg". In front of the Liquidambar orientalis, the impressive Ulmus "Jacqueline Hillier" is seeking his food to the close compost.

The white Lady

In Spring, the way to the marmor statuary is lead by white flowerings, starting from the white Wisteria,Viburnum carlcephalum, Aesculus parviflora, Viburnum plicatum Mariesii, Davidia and the Cornus controversa. On left, in summer, Ghislaine de F�ligonde, our gratifying rose, keeps her company.

The house-pergola

The pergola is covered by Americano vine leaves and a mauve Wisteria. In front of the windows we make passing references to the regional Alsacian tradition with geraniums.

The terrace on the west

The ducks pond

Here is the first pond in front of the terrace at the south. The ducks are often at this place to have lunch. Besides permanent visual show we are presented by confused concerts during their vigorous playings.

The waterlilies of the second pond

The second pond is covered with waterlilies and is one of the best view of the garden. Here the rose "Raubritter" is leaning on the ancient baluster from this valley.

The third pond

Taxus baccata Aurea are enlighting grey days in winter. At the end of the path a rounded place bordered by buxus and ancient paving stones. In the center a terracotta column and his big pot.

The "Monet" bridge

On the "Monet" bridge, the amazing flirt between roses "Guirlande d'Amour" and "Ghislaine de F�ligonde". Water frogs and dragonflies are the discreet guests of this place.

The spinney's entry

Some vestiges of an abbey from Strasbourg and two buxus underline the bridge and invite to enter in the undergrowth.

The path through the undergrowth

The path leads to the old oaks and let's discover the rhododendrons, japanese maples, anemones, buttercups, iris, daylilies, turtleheads, umbrella plants, bergenia, gunnera, rodgersia, water irises, astilbe, maiden grass, geum, ferns, bugbane and the young Taxodium distichum forest.

The way up to the cottage

Another way to the last pond and the wooden cottage house. Here you can enjoy the English brushwood with japanese mapples, rhododendrons, Ledum groenlandicum and azaleas. A few of them are fragrant.

The "Demoiselle" with her pond

The small wooden cottage has recently been finished with great care and love. We have realised the plan and the construction. There is all comfort and we have taken care over every detail to enjoy the idyllic setting. The terrace is built on piles. The bark is an American pattern realised in Belgium. Here you can often see the ducks flying from one pond to the other.
For rental conditions please see the page "Cottage". - The cottage

Il Giardino Segreto

A medieval garden accommodates aromatic grasses and serves as a nursery for cuttings and young plants.The small plots are underlined of buxus hedges and Raubritter rose is in the middle.

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