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Live Show

Our caretakers

May we introduce our "Blacky". He is with us since 10 years, we found it in the street. He was a very interesting guy for the last months of our short-haired dachshund called "Puce/Flee". She learned him to be respectful with the hens and ducks and especially how to get the eggs in the poultry house ! How to bring the eggs in his mouth without breaking them to the kitchen and than to obtain a delicacy !


Our "Puce" was a hunting dog, it is why this is an interesting scene. She had the obsession and patience to approach with her mouth the feathern of the ducks... She finally succeeded after a few months.....


 Cornish hens "Wyandottes".

           Here is the local Casanova trying to keep all his hens together with him..


There is enough food for the kingfisher thanks our ponds furnishing small fishes.

We had the idea to built nesting boxes mentioning "Ch√Ęteau/Castle..." with wine boxes.

Aquatic life

Amazing scene and meditation session which are not rare to obserb there...


Crayfish are breeding in our water, what means it is of excellent quality.


For us it is essential to have pets and wildlife in our garden.
It is a way of living.

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