"The Garden of Dreams"
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"Children we had a dream, married we realised it ..."

The garden is nestled at 375 m in elevation in the green heart of a small village in the valley of the Largue, a wild and picturesque part of the Sundgau. On the slopes of the Alsatian Jura, its clayey hills are sprinkled with a multitude of carp-filled ponds thanks to the presence of innumerable springs.

The 2.5 acres (1 hectar2) garden is a succession of settings and vistas that awaken the senses, evoke emotions and reflect the seasons. The current garden is the result of 28 successive acquisitions over 25 years. Starting from scratch, like assembling a puzzle, the garden sprouted, developed, and matured thanks to the harmony of perseverance with blending skills.

Instinctively, we wanted to create a calm and serene space where we could be reminded of happy moments experienced while traveling in mediterranean countries or reading garden books. Moved by a reasoned passion, we planted what we wished, containing growth with structural elements, and reduced maintenance with various ground covers.

Thanks to our inexhaustible curiosity, we were able to obtain an interesting range of Japanese maples and many other unusual varieties of trees and shrubs.

From the entrance to the house, we tried to give a Tuscan ambiance with an alternance of Taxus baccata fastigiata and clipped Buxus among dry walls. Further on, nature takes over and merges into the native flora.

Spots of colour from bulbs and perennials such as daffodils, anemones, buttercups, iris, peonies, clematis, and roses accentuate the whole. The banks of the ponds are planted with Lady's-mantle, Hydrangea, Daylilies, Turtleheads, umbrella plants, Bergenia, Gunnera, Rodgersia, Water irises, Astilbe, Maiden grass, Geum (Avens), Ferns, Bugbane, Japanese anemones and Hostas. Elsewhere, Epimedium, Periwinkle, Pachysandra, Ground-ivy, Cranesbill and Lady's-mantle are our favorite ground covers. A medieval garden accommodates aromatic grasses and serves as a nursery for cuttings and young plants. The acquisition of a small, hundred-year-old woodland allowed us to create an English brushwood, a humid zone planted with indigenous species and a group of Taxodium. Variously-sized ponds are linked by brooks, waterfalls, and small bridges. The lightly humid atmosphere promotes the blossoming of our plants. The natural habitat favours the population of herons, squirrels, crayfish, water and meadow frogs,dragonflies ("La Demoiselle" in French)lizards, King fishers and hedgehogs...

Besides the water that is so dear to us we like the ancient rocks that feed the soul, the traditional wrought iron and the convivial wooden cottage on the pond. Our cats and the ducks live together in perfect harmony and are the masters here!

We welcome people that wish to discover our corner of paradise !

How it was in 1974 before our work

Map of the garden

V: Pedestrian entry
A: Footpath
F: Fountain 18th Century
M: Cottage "La Demoiselle"
W/G: Acces to the cottage and garage
O: Forest
J: Il Giardino Segreto

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